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⭐ Look at the information we provide you for the purchase of a home with low fees Subsidy of housing 🥇

Subsidy of housing

Subsidy of housing : One of the first things that must be taken into account when opting for a financing system for the acquisition of a home is the amount of interest that the institution offers, this one of the determining aspects for the purchase of a home at low installments , one of the things you should do is compare the interest rates of the different entities that offer financing, according to the report of the superintendency, announced that it is that one of the banking entities that offer you an interest rate at low installments for the acquisition of housing of interest (VIS) is that of the popular bank this rate is estimated at 9.53% while for the acquisition of housing of priority interest housing the interest rate offered by this financial entity is approximately 9 , 58%

✅ ⌚ Did you know that through a Leasing or mortgage loan you can buy a home with low installments Subsidy of housing 🙂

One of the fundamental characteristics of the financing systems offered by the financing systems called housing leasing is that the interest rates are usually low, however, the people who decide to take this option for the purchase of the house should try to carefully evaluate the limit. of time that the financial institution establishes for the cancellation of the room leasing or the mortgage loan, it is important that you bear in mind that you must opt ​​for a lease or credit that suits your needs and that adapts to the income you receive on a monthly basis .

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🤑  See what the financing programs of MI Casa Ya offers for the purchase of a home at low installments Subsidy of housing 🤓

In addition to the popular bank, another of the financing entities that is offering plans that can be adjusted to your economic needs is Mi Casa Ya, as far as this institution is concerned it has established a financing plan that can provide you with low installments on the credit you request. , This plan is known as social rent, the disadvantage is that only those people who are affiliated with the family compensation fund can access this type of financing, it is estimated that people who opt for this financing plan can reach pay around 79 usd monthly.

💥 These are the requirements to qualify for the financing program offered by Mi Casa Ya for the purchase of a home at low installments 🔥

• Potential beneficiaries must be affiliated with the National Savings Fund.

• The monthly income that potential applicants must have must be between 1 to 4 current legal minimum wages

• They must have savings and unemployment benefits in the National Savings Fund

• Among other requirements that the financial institution will request, which you must meet in order to qualify for this type of benefits offered by Mi Casa Ya.

 If you still do not own a home, you can start the process so that you can fulfill the dream of acquiring your own home.