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🙂 Know everything you need about housing subsidies with mortgage credit Subsidy of housing 🥇

Subsidy of housing

Subsidy of housing : Some people do not know how to access a mortgage loan for housing subsidies, the process may be easier than it actually can be, the first step you have to take is to find the bank that offers you the lowest rate of interest, currently there are many banks that are offering mortgage loans for the purchase of homes.

🤓  See what you have to do to apply for the mortgage loan ✅

In order to start the mortgage loan process, you must start by filling out the loan application form, at the time you go to the bank you have to request the requirements for you to make the complete consignment of each of the documents that the entity that will finance the mortgage loan, then, once you have completed the application form, you must provide the requested documentation.

In the event that you have chosen to acquire a social housing (VIS), you must open a savings account in the financial institution that will provide you with the facility to obtain a home through mortgage loans and then you must start the process for the assignment of the housing allowance.

🔥  Surely you have wondered what are the requirements for the application for home mortgage loans? 🤑

Our goal is that you can find the information in a single page, thinking about it we have for you the requirements that you must have to the mamo, so that you can apply for the mortgage loan for the purchase of a home, among the documents that you must collect are the following :

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• Photocopy of the identity document, you must take into account an important aspect that only Colombian citizens can apply for this type of mortgage loan, this requirement applies to independent workers, pensioners and salaried employees.

• In the case of pensioners and wage earners, they must present an income certification document where the withholdings for the year are clearly shown, which must be duly signed, in the case of not being a declarant they must present an official letter that so Indicate, if the applicant must declare, they must present the copy of the income statement for the last year

⭐  Employees must include in the documentation this requirement Subsidy of housing 💥

Which is the labor certification, which must be issued by the employer, where the amount accrued on a monthly basis must be specified, the type of position held, the years of seniority in the company or entity, this must be duly signed

• The self-employed must consign a document which must specify the type of income establishing an average of income or commissions of the last 6 months

• Freelancers who are registered in the chamber of commerce must attach such registration to the documentation.

• If the independent is obliged to declare, he must present the income statement and fiscal financial statement

• The independent must present the extract of the last three months