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🙂 Know the correct place where you must process the Social Interest Housing (VIS) subsidies Subsidy of housing 🥇

Subsidy of housing

Subsidy of housing : In order to process the housing subsidies, you must keep in mind this information that will help you when opting for this benefit, since depending on the type of home you wish to purchase, the place where you will have to submit the application may vary.

Do you want to apply for Social Interest Housing subsidies known as VIS?

In general, to apply for this type of housing subsidy, you can do it through the family compensation fund, which is one of the many entities that are in charge of granting the benefit to its members Subsidy of housing.

Keep in mind that you must be a member of this institution or at least one of the members of the family group must be affiliated, all subsidies are governed by the amount of monthly income, in the case of Social Interest Housing subsidies it is required that The affiliate has an income that does not exceed four minimum monthly income wages, among the fundamental requirements you must bear in mind that those who make up your family group cannot be owners of any type of home.

🤓 You can apply for the social interest housing subsidy (VIS) for home improvement Subsidy of housing  ✅


In fact, housing subsidies (VIS) can also be requested for the improvement of housing by said institution, but in this case you must take into account a fundamental aspect, which is based on the fact that the property is not located in an unsuitable area. or on prohibited land, another aspect is that the subsidy cannot be requested for a different home, that is, financing must be used to improve the home for which it was requested.

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🔥  Now, those people who request either the VIS housing acquisition or improvement Subsidy of housing 🤑


subsidy cannot have been beneficiaries of this type of subsidy previously, if so, it is most likely that the application for the subsidy will be denied. In the case of social interest housing subsidies for home improvement, you must be the owner of the home, if you are not, any of the members of the family group are admitted as owners.

✨ What requirements are required to apply for the social interest housing subsidy (VIS) 💥


1. The form with the correct data

2. Photostatic copies of the identification document of the entire family nucleus

3. In the event that the applicant is a community mother, they must attach the ICBF certification that proves that they are a community mother.

4. Proof of programmed savings

5. Proof of severance of savings in the event that the household savings belong to an unemployed member.

6. The approval of the credit which must be issued by the financial entity that grants it and this must be in force in a period of no less than 30 days.

7. Finally, sign the authorization for the verification of the information provided by the affiliate.