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🥇 Did you know that Mexico offers Subsidy of housing 🙂

Subsidy of housing

Subsidy of housing : The Federal Government of Mexico has created government programs in order to provide Mexicans with housing solutions, these social programs are in charge of several entities who guarantee that this benefit is granted to people who do not have the resources to improve their quality of life and that of their children.

This type of benefit is aimed essentially at all those families who are in a situation of poverty, who have monthly income below what is known as the welfare line, and who also do not own a home, has also put If you are one of the people interested in opting for one of the housing solution programs, you can do so through the FONHAPO housing support program.

✅  You want to know what are the amounts handled by the Federal Government of Mexico for subsidy programs 🤓

Government of Mexico, must take into account that the authorities handle 5 categories

through which they can define the amount of the housing subsidy and they are the following

🔥  The first category is aimed at homes whose value is between 175 and 190 times the Subsidy of housing 🤑

 Update Measurement Unit (UMA), which is used as a reference that is used to determine the amount of the payment.

o In the second category, it is aimed at homes that are between a value from 158 to a maximum 178 times the Update Measurement Unit (UMA) that will be taken based on monthly income.

o Regarding the third category, it is aimed at homes that achieve a value from 136 to 158 times the Update Measurement Units (UMA) which will be taken from the amount of monthly income that the beneficiaries have

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o In the case of the fourth category, there are dwellings whose values ​​must be between 60 and 136 times the Update Measurement Units

o Finally, in the fifth category are the homes whose values ​​range from 60 to 136 times the Update Measurement Units, which means that a person who receives a monthly income that is on the scale of 1.4 times the value established in the UMA may be selected to qualify for the benefit of housing subsidies.

✨ All people who wish to access a housing subsidy of those granted by the Federal 💥


It is important that people who wish to opt for this type of housing solution offered by the Federal Government of Mexico, keep in mind that depending on what is established in the categories, the location of the property, the characteristics of housing and the level of sustainability, in order to be beneficiaries of this type of subsidy, which means that you must choose a home that complies with these aspects and that above all fits within the categories.