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▷ 6 Month Short Courses Online, Free Certificate Courses 💥

Free Online Courses

Free Online Courses : The platform offers many free courses as well as promotional coupons , for example on their Marketing category (digital, social networks, SEO, content marketing, etc.), they offer 751 free training courses in the catalog total of 7214. Note that as this is an international platform, there are many courses in French but the majority of courses are in English.

In the Marketing category, there are 826 free training courses, or about 70 more than in our previous survey, and for the Development category (coding, web etc.), it is no less than 2 081 free training courses on the entire catalog of 10,000 references. It is certainly necessary to search and seek, not to hesitate to consult the opinions of the customers to choose well, but it is worth it!

Audiovisual training & free online courses (editing, journalism, documentary, video …)

INA is the National Audiovisual Institute, which historically offers video content that you have surely seen before, bearing the INA logo. But this body also operates as a higher school of audiovisual, and also offers many professional and diploma training. As part of the confinement, she has decided to offer certain training and online video courses free of charge, in order to train you on different subjects, such as photography, video & sound techniques, but also journalism: all 100% in line and remote.

APPLY Online Certificate Programs 🥇

Here is an overview of the courses planned for the month of May 2020:

– Monday May 4, 2020: How to «tell» the information in video

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– Wednesday May 6, 2020: How to write a good comment

– Thursday May 7, 2020: What does 4: 2: 2, 4: 2: 0, 8 bits, 10 bits mean?

– Immediate access: «Training in photography with your smartphone during confinement»

– Immediate access: «Assembly workshop: mastering the audio channels»

Unfortunately INA no longer offers free training according to our research, the initiative stopped after the deconfinement. We will be removing it from our list shortly.

4 / Unity Learn: learn to code on the Unity 3D video game engine (offered for 3 months)

Unity Learn is an e-learning platform that allows you to learn to master 3D development skills (scripting, 2D, graphics and visual effects, mobile and tactile, XR, user interface, etc.) in real time thanks to the tutorials Free, sample projects and full Unity Learn courses. Thus, Unity Learn supports you efficiently in your first project from downloading to sharing it. The platform also has a Unity Learn Premium service that offers exclusive access to interactive live sessions with Unity experts, on-demand learning resources and more to speed up your training.

APPLY FREE Learn English Online Free Course 💥

Following the Covid-19 epidemic, the Unity Learn platform supports its community of creators by offering all users free access to Unity Learn Premium for three months (from March 19 to June 20). If you are already a Unity Learn Premium subscriber, the platform also commits to suspending monthly payments during those three months by adding three additional months of annual subscriber access.

🥇 Free Online Courses the free offer for 3 months is maintained for now

the free 3-month offer is still valid, and takes note when you subscribe to the training, so don’t hesitate to register if you are interested in 3D training under Unity!

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5 / Maxicours: resume some basics in mathematics, French or general culture (history, geography, etc.)

Online school course platform, was founded in 2000 to become a benchmark in online tutoring from CP to Terminale. The platform offers numerous educational resources through 100,000 exercises, 20,000 lesson sheets and 4,000 videos, annals in the form of writings, videos and even audio. The courses (maths, French, SVT, chemistry, physics, technology, English, Spanish, history / geography, etc.) are updated every year and given by professionals from the National Education. Moreover, the teachers are available 6 days a week from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m., to answer students’ questions by audio or video chat.