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🙂 Free Online Courses Second, the disadvantages of e-marketing: 🥇

Free Online Courses

Free Online Courses : Despite the various advantages that we mentioned about e-marketing, it also has some disadvantages, including the following.

There is a possibility Free Online Courses  of penetrating different accounts by different people, and the reason is that most of these accounts lack security and confidentiality elements.

This type of electronic Free Online Courses  marketing also allows people to market bad and inferior goods, which leads to the emergence of fake names and entities and the publication of images that have nothing to do with the real product.

The electronic marketing policy is not widespread in the Arab countries, in contrast to its widespread spread in European countries Free Online Courses

There are many people who do not find complete confidence in purchasing products through online marketing, which makes them prefer traditional marketing

There are no linkages between electronic banks, and therefore, there are some problems in electronic payments Free Online Courses

There is none of the laws and legal institutions through which we obtain consumer protection from the various scams that individuals are exposed to online

✅  Free Online Courses  Benefits of e-marketing 🤓

E-marketing is the type through which a commodity Free Online Courses or service is marketed, as is marketing via the Internet, and through the buying and selling processes, and it is also done through Internet marketing, but despite the various features that Free Online Courses surround it, it has some problems that we can combine in the following :

E-marketing operations may require huge advertising, and this matter may cost the seller a lot of money in the beginning in order for his site to become popular

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There are many consumers who retrieve goods after completing the purchase if they do not match what was chosen, and this matter costs the seller shipping costs.

Uncle to meet the seller and the buyer face to face, and the quality of the goods is not Free Online Courses  guaranteed

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🤑  Free Online Courses  Characteristics of e-marketing: 🔥

There are also many characteristics that characterize e-marketing, the most important of which are the following:

Capacity in the application Free Online Courses  of transmission: This point is represented in the contribution of Internet networks by Free Online Courses  providing various assistance to institutions that want to directly attract their customers.

Interaction: The interaction is the possibility of different Free Online Courses customers expressing their desires directly, and thus there is a difference The seller and the buyer

Memory: The electronic world is characterized by that it contains various databases that make you record information about customers and dates of purchase, and this contributes to help in e-marketing by sending messages with the latest offers.

Control: Control is the ability by clients to control the various information presented to them and also provide the information they want without being forced to provide any confidential information they do not want.

We recommend using popular client management software as an example of an important program, Zoho Crm Free Online Courses

Free Online Courses  The importance of electronic marketing in the modern era:

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E-marketing Free Online Courses is that commercial transaction that is based on interaction between the various electronic reciprocal parties, instead of direct communication or the process of selling and buying goods over the Internet, and therefore that commodity is the characteristic of electronic marketing, and it has become of great importance in the modern era.

💥 Free Online Courses  How to e-Marketing: ✨

E-marketing has become Free Online Courses one of the best new marketing methods and it has many ways to be implemented through which there are search engines and there are also ads.

In addition to the use of various electronic messages aimed at attracting customers interested in the field for which I am marketing, in addition to the presence of various diverse and interactive designs that make consumers attract to the product such as images, videos, songs and other modern means in the world of e-marketing, so we recommend today to try E-marketing instead of traditional marketing operations.