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🥇 PhD Fellowship in Denmark in Neuroscience for Cognitive Movement at the University of Copenhagen for the year 2021 Free Online Courses 🙂

Free Online Courses

Free Online Courses  : The Department of Neuroscience at the University of Copenhagen’s Free Online Courses School of Health and Medical Sciences offers a three-year full-time PhD fellowship program in Cognitive Motor Neuroscience.

🤓  Free Online Courses  Project Description: ✅

Free Online Courses  The project that the PhD fellow will be working on is titled The Functional Role of Movement Perception. In the project, the colleague will investigate the relationship between neural information of the primary motor cortex and the conscious  Free Online Courses  experience of movement perception. The main experimental technique to be used is recordings of the induced motor voltages induced by transcranial magnetic stimulation with self-reports of the conscious experience of movement performed. In addition, the colleague will investigate the role that conscious experience of performing movements plays in the acquisition of new motor skills. The fellow will work in parallel with another colleague from the CoInAct group who is working on a PhD project on the philosophy of movement in the Department of Philosophy.

🤑  Free Online Courses  Fellowship responsibilities: 🔥

Main criteria for evaluating applicants:

Free Online Courses  Applicants must have qualifications corresponding to a master’s degree related to the subject area of ​​the project e.g. neuroscience, neuroimaging, experimental psychology, physiology, human physiology, cognitive science, biomedical Free Online Courses engineering, or similar with interest motivated Curiosity to understand the relationship between conscious perception of motion and electrical measurements in humans.

Other important criteria are:

Free Online Courses  Achieve the required rate.

Professional qualifications related to the doctoral project.

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Previous posts.

Work experience in the same field.

Other professional activities.

The inquisitive mindset with a strong interest in understanding the relationship between neuroscience, human movement and cognitive functions.

English language skills.

Interest in interdisciplinary research work that combines knowledge from the health, natural and human sciences.

Strong data analysis skills with ability to program independently.

Place of the fellowship program:

💥  Free Online Courses  Terms of fellowship: ✨ 

Free Online Courses,  The fellowship program will take place in the Department of Free Online Courses Neuroscience, School of Health and Medical Sciences, University of Copenhagen. The university offers creative and stimulating working conditions in a dynamic, international, multidisciplinary research environment. Research facilities include modern laboratories with equipment to perform human electrophysiological recordings (EEG, EMG) including non-invasive brain stimulation (TMS, tDCS), behavioral Free Online Courses measurements, biomechanical measurements, and virtual reality.

Free Online Courses  Work as a full-time PhD fellow for 3 years.

This is conditional on the applicant’s successful registration as a PhD student in the Free Online Courses Graduate School of the School of Health and Medical Sciences, University of Copenhagen. This requires the submission and Free Online Courses  acceptance of an application for a specific project drafted by the applicant.

Free Online Courses  The study for the doctoral degree must be completed in accordance with the Ministerial Resolution for the Doctoral Program (2013) and the college rules for obtaining the degree.

Salary, expenses, and terms of appointment correspond to the agreement between the Ministry of Finance and the Danish Federation of Professional Associations on Academics in the state. Depending on seniority, monthly stipend starts around 27,593 DKK / approx. € 3.707 (April 2020 level) plus expenses.

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🔥  Free Online Courses About the university: 😂

Free Online Courses  The University of Copenhagen (UCPH) is a public research university in Copenhagen, Denmark. Founded in 1479 by Papal Bull, the university is the second oldest university in Scandinavia and ranks first among the best universities in Nordic countries and Europe. The University of Copenhagen is made up of six different colleges, and teaching takes place on its four distinct campuses, all of which are located in Copenhagen. The university runs 36 different departments and 122 separate research centers in Copenhagen, as well as a number of museums and botanical gardens within and outside the Danish capital.