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🔥 Free Online Courses Volunteer opportunities for artists in Poland with the European Union wire funded accommodation and other expenses 😂

Free Online Courses

Free Online Courses  : European Solidarity Corps Free Online Courses  offers volunteer opportunities and is looking for volunteers with an interest in art to join the NOV-DEC From animator – to ambassadors – to leaders program in Poland.

✨    Free Online Courses  Project details: 💥

Free Online Courses  This project is for 35 days and involves 11 volunteers. Free Online Courses  It includes organizing entertainment workshops for underprivileged children / youth. The volunteers will coordinate, manage and supervise all recreational activities for children and young adults, and the volunteers will also conduct educational workshops for children and youth in informal schools. In cooperation with the Polish volunteers of the Action Reaction Initiative Group, which is part of the Leszczyński Volunteer Center, the group will design workshops on science or experiences of nature, culture and geography, sports and well-being. Free Online Courses  The need to enhance social cohesion and improve one’s well-being from a young age, is an alternative way to spend free time and promote volunteering with ESC.

🔥 Free Online Courses  Financial support: 🤑

Accommodation: The volunteers will stay in an apartment with other volunteers, Free Online Courses and the apartments are fully equipped and close to local amenities. Volunteers can walk to the center and office. Accommodation for the volunteers will be covered by ESC funding. Free Online Courses

Food: The volunteer will receive pocket money (4 euros per day) and food allowance (400 z ز per month, roughly $ 100). Free Online Courses

Free Online Courses  Transportation: Transportation costs to and from the project site (according to the value specified by ESC) are reimbursed after the completion of the transportation process. The volunteer is required to keep all original documents and PDFs in case of electronic copies.

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Visa: The Foundation will provide assistance. The cost of the visa is refundable.

Training during the project: Free Online Courses

🤓 Adaptation Week: The volunteer goes through an adjustment period at the start of the project. Free Online Courses ✅

Free Online Courses  During the project: The volunteer will receive support from mentors.

Free Online Courses End of the project: The volunteer goes through the evaluation week at the end of the semester, to obtain a final report. The volunteer will work closely with the organization’s staff on a daily basis.

Requirements: Free Online Courses

Free Online Courses  Talents in arts and cr afts, high energy, drawing, graphics, carpentry / ceramics, desire to work in Youth Camp, to be a fan of sports and luxury, unconventional advertising and marketing skills.

🙂   Free Online Courses  European Solidarity Wire: 🥇

Free Online Courses  European Solidarity Wire is a new European Union initiative that creates opportunities for young people to volunteer or work on projects in their country or abroad that benefit communities and people across Europe. Free Online Courses

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Practical training at Sharjah Art Foundation

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Sharjah Art Foundation offers training courses for artists to Sharjah, United Arab Emirates. The Foundation offers a wide range of training and volunteer jobs that enable you to improve your skills and help you learn new skills. An experience is offered to interns and volunteers working in the following areas: artist assistant, production and technology, communications, marketing, education, outreach, event management, visitor relations, administration, and audio-visual documentation. Free Online Courses

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At the end of the training, fellows receive a certificate attesting to their achievement and experience within the program. Free Online Courses

Conditions for the applicant Free Online Courses.