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✨ The time has come to know the non-VIS government subsidies Subsidy of housing 💥

Subsidy of housing

Subsidy of housing  : The social programs that the government has implemented contemplated the government subsidies for non-VIS housing which can be acquired through the programs that my house has and which consist of financing a percentage to finish covering the initial fee you need to the acquisition of houses, the people who wish to acquire this type of subsidies must have an income between the 135 and 145 minimum monthly wages.

It is important that you keep in mind that you should check if there is availability at the time you want to request them, you just have to do it through the Ministry of Finance.

Know the percentage interest rate of government subsidies for non-VIS housing

This type of government subsidy takes a percentage interest rate of approximately 2.5 percentage points above, which means that you can make the payments of the installments comfortably.

🔥  Learn about the requirements to qualify for non-VIS housing government subsidies 🤑

One of the characteristics of this type of subsidy is that the requirements that you have to have are not as rigorous as the VIS and VIP housing subsidies, here we mention the most important requirements:

1. The applicant must apply for a mortgage loan or what is known as housing leasing

2. Once the credit is granted, it will be delivered by the Savings Fund or by the institutions that are in charge of granting the credit financing.

3. The possible beneficiary has not previously received government subsidies for housing acquisition, this last requirement is considered to be the only limitation that occurs in non-VIS government subsidies.

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🤓  How to know if there is availability for this type of government subsidies for home acquisition ✅

All people who are interested in opting for these government subsidies must bear in mind that the Ministry of Finance and Public Credit of Colombia allocate the quotas on an annual basis, this will be selected in order of receipt of said request, it is important that the beneficiary counts With the availability of the mortgage loan, once it is assigned, you must request the information from the Ministry of Finance.

🙂  Look at the sales of government housing subsidies Subsidy of housing 🥇

 The amounts to be paid for the installments are lower, which means that the cancellation will be done in comfortable installments.

 It does not influence if the applicant already owns a home

 Unlike the other government subsidies for family housing, it does not have any type of limitations

 The amount of income or minimum wages received on a monthly basis is not taken into account

 It is not necessary for the applicant to have prior savings, which makes it much easier to apply for this type of government housing subsidy

If you thought that you had no possibilities to opt for government subsidies for the acquisition of a home, you were wrong, there are several entities that are in charge of providing the methods so that you can buy your own home.