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🙂 Online Certificate Programs .EU WEB AWARDS 2020 🥇

Online Certificate Programs

Online Certificate Programs : EURid web awards 2020The .eu Web Awards are here again this year to highlight the best sites that use domain names ending in .eu, .ευ or .ею.

🤓 The competition Online Certificate Programs ✅

As every year, this year too, 5 top sites will emerge in the categories established by EURid.

The submission period is from April 1, 2020 until August 5 and you can fill in the participation form of your site in the competition here. Subject to the conditions, participation is open to persons aged 18 and over who are citizens of a Member State of the European Union, Liechtenstein, Iceland or Norway. After submitting the entry form, the representatives of EURid will contact you and will upload online the sites in the categories you have declared so that they can be voted by the public .

🔥  Categories of competing Sites Online Certificate Programs 🤑

Contestants have the opportunity to submit more than one website ending in .eu, .ευ or .ею. but each site can only compete in one of the available categories. The Leaders: In the category compete sites with international reach and many years of activity in their industry. They need to employ more than 10 employees in their turnover and maintain a steadily growing customer base. The Rising Stars:  The websites of the category belong to start-ups Online Certificate Programs which are in the process of developing and attracting the target audience to which they are addressed. In addition, they must be in business for less than 3 years and employ less than 10 employees. The Laurels: The category of social organizations such as schools, education programs, charities, etc. that promote lifelong learning as well as pan-European projects. The House of .EU: The websites and blogs in this category deal with media , entertainment and advertising. The BETTER WORLD: The category includes websites that promote green initiatives.

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Online Certificate Programs , issues related to environmental protection and environmentally friendly companies. In a wider context, they can compete in the category of websites related to telemedicine , development of smart cities and in general application of the Internet of Things and state- of-the- art technologies for the protection of the environment.

⭐ The Prizes Online Certificate Programs 💥

Following the public vote , the first three participants in the public vote will be invited to Belgium on 18 November 2020 for the final selection of the winners.

The review committee  are recognized personalities with many years of experience will evaluate websites based on their content, structure and functionality, their visual identity and accessibility.

😂  The prizes that the 5 winners of the categories will receive are Online Certificate Programs: ✨

A specially made trophy of the .eu Web Awards

The organization and production by Eurid of a specially designed promotional video .

Three different digital icons for the winners’ website and social media

The billboard promotion of the winners for two months at the Brussels airport.

You can see the detailed terms of the competition here.

Do not miss the opportunity to take part in the celebration of European sites and gain even more visibility for your website and project.