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🥇 Online Certificate Programs guru, .bike etc. 7 new domain endings available for registration! 🙂

Online Certificate Programs

Online Certificate Programs  : Seven new domain endings are available for registration, from today at 6pm Greek time!

The new available  extensions are : .BIKE, .GURU, .CLOTHING , .HOLDINGS , .PLUMBING , .VENTURES and  .SINGLES.

🤓  7 new domain endings available Online Certificate Programs! ✅ 😂

The Online Certificate Programs internet is changing and now hundreds of new domain names endings come into play, endings specializing in specific subjects (eg medicine, tourism, various professions or occupations, etc.) and even locations around the world, thus allowing everyone to have the domain that best suits their needs. of.

At a time when the most «strong» domains are already registered in the most popular extensions (.com, .eu, .gr etc), the new extensions give the user a wide variety of options to register the domain name he wants exactly!

🤑 Domain names ending in .BIKE Online Certificate Programs  🔥


Bicycle is one of the most environmentally friendly, affordable and efficient methods of transportation and so the cycling community is constantly growing.

The .BIKE domain offers a common area for this community , with the aim of building, selling, repairing bicycles and bicycle accessories ( blogs, e-shops, cycling forum ), promoting cycling and national or local cycling teams & links (cycling events or meetings) but also the exchange of information, experiences and advice (techniques, cycling routes) about cycling as a way of life.

Now collectors, athletes and bike enthusiasts as well as companies that cater to cyclists – have the perfect domain name, the .BIKE

✨ Domain names ending in .GURU Online Certificate Programs 💥


To . GURU domain is ideal to channel online your special  knowledge  and experience on  a topic (topical or general interest topics, items or services)  through a blog – eg,, or are some simple examples.

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In the most traditional sense, this extension can also be used for websites on spirituality and meditation , such as

Whatever the use, .GURU is a domain with which individuals, companies and organizations can showcase their unique talent on the internet.

Register your .guru and .bike domain today, through the dnhost site, in domain names

✨ The following new domain endings come with them Online Certificate Programs : ✨


for amateurs or professionals involved in cameras and video recordings


for anything related to clothing, clothing or fashion (websites & blogs with fashion suggestions)


for websites that sell, present equipment of any kind (sports, mountaineering, scuba diving, fishing).


for sites that provide real estate services for buying and selling real estate and land.


for investment or stockbroking companies, banking groups and anything related to financial matters.


for professional luminaires , decorators, producers, traders and lighting stores.


for online dating sites and anything related to both sexes and relationships.


for entrepreneurs, startups, venture capital investors, investment banks, private equity companies.


Most people rely on recommendations from acquaintances to find plumbers, but when consumers do not have reliable recommendations, they then turn to the Internet. Having an easy-to-discover, reliable and easy-to-use website increases networking and business growth, providing a strong point of contact. .PLUMBING is the perfect Internet Names Extension for this purpose, because it connects plumbers through a common internet namespace, adds a recognizable title to domain names, and helps encircle that business domain.


an ending for tourism and travel (either physical or spiritual travel: eg transition to a higher spiritual level), ideal for travel agents, bloggers, car rentals but also for those who narrate the experiences and evolution of the human spirit during during his lifetime.

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✨ What changes with the new TLD’s Online Certificate Programs ✨

With the hundreds of new domain endings that will continue to come in the coming days and months , the options for naming a site expand dramatically and semantically.

Now the name of a website can be directly determined in terms of its content , from the end of its domain:

professions, sciences, arts, occupations & regions / cities: eg,,, etc.

It can also form a phrase with the suffix, eg,,

So we have the complete release of domains from geographical boundaries and now the possibilities in the option to register domains are unlimited!