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🥇 List of free online courses Study Petroleum Engineering 🙂

List of free online courses

List of free online courses : The study of petroleum List of free online courses engineering is one of the fields of study available to every student wishing to enroll in one of the most prominent modern engineering specialties, as the date of establishing petroleum engineering dates back to 1914, which is the same time that it was approved to be one of the independent academic engineering fields, and this specialization is spread in universities at the level of The world, especially the universities of the countries that have large proportions of oil known as black gold.

🤓  List of free online courses What is petroleum engineering?    ✅


Petroleum List of free online courses engineering is one of the engineering branches that is concerned with all the methods and methods used in exploration and search for oil, as it is concerned with studying all matters related to oil in addition to the method used to obtain and extract it from the ground, List of free online courses and the importance of this specialization is due to the provision of energy that the whole world needs because of Petroleum engineering is linked to the best energy source, which is the black gold. Petroleum engineering is also concerned with methods of restoring natural resources, understanding industry economics, and also respecting the environment and not harming it.

🔥 How List of free online courses long does a student take to study Petroleum Engineering? 🤑

The study of Petroleum Engineering takes a period of up to 5 academic years, during which the student studies many important curricula and courses, including:

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Petroleum installations

– Thermodynamics

Petroleum Economics Science

– Petroleum refining

Geology and Surveying

Drilling and extraction methods

Crude Petroleum Sciences 

⭐ List of free online courses What are the jobs available for petroleum engineering graduates? 💥

The study of petroleum engineering provides the student with many opportunities in the field of work upon graduation and obtaining an academic degree in this specialization, and these fields are characterized by relatively high salaries compared to other fields, and the following is a group of the most important future jobs that a petroleum engineering graduate can join one of them :

1- Tasks of testing oil wells

2- Monitoring oil extraction and drilling operations

3- Work in the various departments of the Ministry of Petroleum

4- Discovering and developing new oil wells

5- Supervising oil tanks

6- Work in the various stages associated with petroleum, starting from drilling and passing through manufacturing operations to distribution

7- Working in extracting oil from offshore platforms

8- An economist in the field of energy

9- Carrying out tests for gas wells and oil wells

10- Administrative work in petroleum organizations

11- Occupational Safety Engineer

What are the subfields of petroleum engineering?

While studying Petroleum Engineering, the student will be exposed to a number of sub-disciplines, which number up to 4 specializations, as follows:

Petroleum production engineering, which specializes in producing a large amount of petroleum, and transporting the produced materials to transport agents and pipeline companies.

– Simulation engineering that is concerned with preparing a complete program to be relied upon in describing matters related to List of free online courses oil wells such as area, depth and expected production in the future.

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Drilling engineering, which is concerned with studying the proper manner of drilling, and the method of developing a plan that helps List of free online courses in identifying the nature of rocks after proving the presence of petroleum in the place.

– Stock engineering, which is concerned with analyzing the shale system, forecasting the performance of wells, in addition to establishing patterns that contribute to oil drainage.

List of free online courses What is the cost of studying Petroleum Engineering?

Study abroad requires the provision of the necessary expenses for study to be able to move between academic stages in order to reach the academic degree that the student wants to obtain, and Britain is one of the countries that international students travel to frequently due to the presence of a number of accredited and internationally ranked universities that include the specialty of petroleum engineering. The following is the average cost of studying Petroleum Engineering in British universities:

Duration of study

The cost is in US dollars

The cost is in Saudi riyals

Annual cost

$ 23,075 US Dollars

86,531 Saudi Riyals