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🥇 21 NEW DOMAIN endings, for you that music is your List of free online courses PASSION! 🙂

List of free online courses

List of free online courses : Like every year, List of free online courses this year from June 21 to 24, 2018, music is celebrated all over Europe!

Cultural events and concerts are organized in more than 22 countries for the European Music Festival, thus being a special cultural event that unites millions of people across Europe.

For us, the people of DNHOST, music is a source of inspiration, creativity and is an integral part of our daily life in the office.

On the occasion of the 19th European Music Festival, we suggest you 21 NEW domain endings that are very interesting in terms of music.

🤓  List of free online courses .band ✅

It is the ideal ending for bands and bands that want to be shown online, to inform the public and their fans about their concerts, music and events.

List of free online courses .hiphop

It is addressed to the fans of hip hop music, to websites with news from hip hop, to the artists and to the hip hop bands that want to protect their brand.


The .studio extension exudes creativity and is closely linked to domains and websites for recording studios as well as music List of free online courses

It is the perfect domain extension for radio stations, online live streaming and informative music blogs.


Promote cultural and musical events, concerts, parties, exhibitions and any other event.


This ending is intended for bars, pubs and shops where good music is a priority.

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.Theater can be used by any troupe, production company, theater or company providing services to the theater industry.


If you have a dance school or love dancing then, the. dance is the ideal ending to start your online promotion.


If you want to have your own video site, for professional or amateur use, the .tube is what you need.


For production studios, online tutorials and how-to videos, directors (amateurs and non-amateurs), editors, independent producers and camera operators or photographers.


It is the perfect domain extension for websites or eshop related to wedding, event venues, wedding photographers, wedding dresses, bridal clothes, confectioneries that prepare wedding cakes etc.


As far as sound is concerned, for every professional (sound engineer, sound insulation engineer, dj etc) or magazine / blog that deals with the field of sound and the latest technological developments (sound coverage, sound studies, sound insulation).


To start your own blog with topics and articles related to music, singers and the music industry!


Create a fan page to support the singers or bands you love. Add their music news and share your site on social media.


Post news and news related to music events, bands, singers and other topics related to music.


If you are a party organizer or you want to make announcements about the parties that take place in the city then this ending is the ideal one for you.

🔥  List of free online courses .productions 🤑

Created for advertising, music video and multimedia art houses, it is also ideal for TV, movie or independent studios.

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It is a smart choice for those who want to promote their hangout (pub, bar, pub) or their publishing house online.


A good choice for restaurants, chefs, traders and food and wine distributors but also for restaurant critics.


It is a smart choice for those who want to promote their hangout (pub, bar, pub) or their publishing house online

Do you broadcast on fm or do you have an online radio then this ending is what you need for your radio station domain.