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🥇 The first step of creating a fleet on Twitter Free certificate courses 🙂

Free certificate courses

Free certificate courses: A new screen Free certificate courses will appear to start creating the flit, at the bottom of the screen you can choose the type of flette.

🤓  The second step of the steps for creating a fleet on Free certificate courses Twitter ✅

Flip Text , Free certificate courses which will allow you to simply publish text on a colored background.

The Camera Roll , which will allow you to choose a photo or video clip that has already been saved on your phone, if you choose a video that is longer than 30 seconds, you will have to trim the clip to share it.

Capture Photo , allows you to take a new photo.

Video, which will allow you to capture a new video clip, your video clip can be up to 30 seconds long.

Fleet adjustment

You can add text by clicking on the area you want to write on the screen.

You can also customize the text style, color, background color, and writing direction using the toolbar above the keyboard.

The third step of the steps for creating a fleet on Twitter

After you finish writing the text, you can enlarge or reduce it by pinching your fingers on it as you would when enlarging or minimizing the image, and you can also place the text anywhere you want on the screen.

To change the background color, you can click on the circle in the lower left corner, click on the «Aa» icon to create more text.

The fourth step of the steps to create a fleet on Twitter

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Fleet deployment

When you finish editing, click on the word Fleet to post your new fleet.

The second method is to convert a tweet to Fleet

Click on the Tweet you want to convert to Fleet, and then select the Share icon button for the Tweet you have chosen as shown in the image

🔥  Convert a Tweet to Fleet  Free certificate courses 🤑

Choose Share in fleet, the Tweet will be converted to Fleet and you can still add text and modify text color, style, size and location and also modify the background color.

Publish by clicking Fleet.

Congratulations, you have Fleet 

This was all we had about the new Twitter Fleet, tell us what do you think of the new update? did you like it?

✨  We would like to hear your opinion on the communication Free certificate courses accounts: 💥

Fleets is currently only available through the Twitter mobile app.

The phyllite will disappear after 24 hours forever.

The length of the flit is 6 seconds, however you can create and share a video of up to 30 seconds.

There is no limit to the number of flites, you can create as many flyettes as you like.

Fleet can include text, videos, GIFs, or images.

People can reply to Free certificate courses your flyer by clicking on «Send Message» or the emoji icon at the bottom of your story.

If you have direct messages open to the public, anyone can reply to your flyet.

If you’ve closed direct messages, only people you follow will be able to respond to Fleet.

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An account with a Protected Free certificate courses Tweet will be protected as well.

The owner of the (Twitter story) will be able to know who viewed it, even if the viewer’s account is protected.

Fleet appears in the new bar across the top of the timeline for the page, or by clicking on the profile picture.