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Buy Auto Insurance Only Cheap : I think by now you have all realized it: car and motorcycle insurance policies in Italy are the most expensive in Europe! But have you ever wondered why? In today’s post we will try to explain the origins of this «phenomenon». Like any business, in order to carry out its business in a sustainable way, the insurance company will necessarily have to achieve a technical balance between the income and expenses deriving from compensation for damages. From this it is clear that the rates applied to car and motorcycle insurance will be calculated on the basis of the evolution of the number of claims and the cost of compensation. We are talking about costs and prices, an inseparable combination which unfortunately is at the origin of the continuous increases in the RCA.

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Specifically, however, Buy Auto Insurance Only Cheap there are basically 3 reasons at the origin of the high costs associated with claims:

The disproportionate number of damages to the person of a very slight extent  of speculative origin (such as whiplash); the absence of an organic discipline for the compensation of personal damages ; the great diffusion of insurance scams  and, unfortunately, the lack of suitable tools to fight them Buy Auto Insurance Only Cheap.

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Therefore, at the base of the increases, there are the scams: «sector» in which the average Italian excels! Consequently, all vehicle owners will be forced to pay more because many Italian motorists play «crafty» by inflating the invoices for the work needed to repair the car, or simulate real accidents with phantom physically damaged people! Just think that in  2010  the  average cost  of an RCA in Italy was  335 euros , while in  Germany it was 213 euros , Buy Auto Insurance Only Cheap  in  Spain of 160 euros  and in  France of 140 euros.. In our country it also happens that for the same damage to property, the cost for the repair or repurchase of the asset is higher than in other countries! As if this were not enough, the car in Italy  usually has a  higher operating cost : in fact, on average, a vehicle costs its owner 3500 euros even if it remains stationary in the garage without driving any kilometer! But it is also true that owning a car insurance policy in Italy does not necessarily mean paying less if there are no accidents, quite the contrary! Buy Auto Insurance Only Cheap

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As is well known, owning a car in Naples costs much more than in Bolzano (but also in the rest of Italy): on average, the cost could be 5 times higher! Owning  a diesel car also  costs more in terms of insurance than a petrol one, although diesel cars statistically cause fewer accidents Buy Auto Insurance Only Cheap.

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However, to better understand these phenomena, it is sufficient to consider some data and frame some trends. The frequency of car accidents in 2000 was about 11% (ie 11 out of 100 vehicles caused an accident), in 2010 it was almost 8.5%. This means there has been a 23% decline in the number of road accidents and fatalities in 10 years . This decrease is due to greater road safety, numerous information campaigns, greater controls and a more repressive policy, which ultimately also benefited the accounts of the insurance companies. The cost of compensation, on the other hand, was not positive, which in 2000 was on average € 2,825 per claim and which in 2010 reached a sum of approximately € 4,000. An increase of 41% which very negatively counterbalances the good result on the decrease in the number of claims mentioned above. Another important fact to take into consideration is that 65% of the total cost of accidents is represented by personal injury. Buy Auto Insurance Only Cheap  Minor injuries (i.e. those with a degree of permanent disability of less than 9 points) accounted for about 1/4 of the total cost of accidents, serious injuries (those with at least 10 points of disability) even reach 40%. 

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