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🥇 SEO Tips 2021 Short online courses with certificate 🙂

Short online courses with certificate

Short online courses with certificate  : Do you want the website you have, manage or are thinking of building, to stand out in the search engine results and to come even closer to your audience?

Have you heard of talking about or applying SEO techniques , but would you like to do more on your own and see your pages gradually rank higher in the SERPs?

This guide is written for you – whether you are a beginner or a more familiar – and will guide you in implementing and optimizing your SEO strategy .

Select URL (Domain name)

The domain name you choose will follow you in the promotion of your website and appears in the address field of all browsers.

🤓  Search Domain Name Short online courses with certificate ✅

So when you first register a domain name or choose a new domain name for rebranding your website, pay attention to the following:

The domain should be easy to remember , so that users can remember it and type it into search engines and get the coveted organic traffic. Also, remember that we all recommend sites orally, so you should make it easier for your users to recall and pronounce the domain name you choose correctly.

Looking for the ideal domain name that will give character to your website, you can choose between names that refer to your name (eg ) or a keyword that refers to your field of activity (eg ydraulikos-athina .gr). You can directly check the availability of the domain you want through the DNHOST site . The greater the relationship between the keyword that characterizes your domain name and the searches of users, the more likely you are to see faster organic traffic to your website.

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Use at most (or not at all) a hyphen (eg as domain names with more dashes have in the past been marked as malicious and may give a negative impression on search engine bots .

Choose a tld (top level domain, domain name extension) of high value and recognition such as .gr , .eu & .com as most users are accustomed to searching for a website with specific search engine results. If the above tlds are not available or you want to target your business, you can choose from more than 390 targeted tlds and tld offers offered by DNHOST.

🔥 Website Title Short online courses with certificate 🤑

The title of a web page (title tag) is an html element (tag) located inside the source code of the web page between the elements <title> …… </title>.

To view the code of a page, press CTRL + U and to find the tag you want, type CTRL + F and type in the <title> box, where the html element you want will be highlighted immediately.

Also, the title of the web pages appears as a selectable element in the search engine results and its correct writing is a decisive factor that will determine the evaluation of the page and the click of the user.

✨ Selectable Search Page Title Short online courses with certificate 💥

Make sure it contains the keyword / keyword phrase for which you want each page to be rated. It would be useful to build an excel with the basic keywords that correspond to specific websites and secondary keywords you use in other SEO elements on the page.

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Do not add too many keywords to your title, other than the keyword, so as not to confuse the bots that will rate your page as to which one is most important. Ideally put the keyword in the initial words of your title eg if the word is «e-shop», Build an e-shop easily with our free tools | DNHOST ”.