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Accredited short courses online : The Shanghai Accredited short courses online ranking for universities and colleges is one of the global university rankings, which began in 2003 AD, which is concerned with the ranking of universities at the academic level, and it depends on many statistics that are distributed to all professors and students, and we will mention in that article What is the Shanghai ranking of universities? What are the criteria used to rank universities? In addition to mentioning some universities as the best international universities based on the Shanghai University Rankings

⚡ Accredited short courses online What is the Shanghai university ranking? 🙂

Academic Accredited short courses online Ranking of World University, which means the academic ranking of universities, as the Higher Institute in Shanghai (Shanghai Ranking Consulting Group) was keen to organize a classification for universities at the global level through which the best international universities are determined.

Initially, the classification was Accredited short courses online concerned with evaluating the educational level in Chinese universities compared to other universities around the world, in order to determine the value and quality of higher education in China only, but then this academic classification became one of the best approved international classifications, which is relied upon by all countries Accredited short courses online Around the world in evaluating and ranking universities according to scientific levels.

The UNESCO Accredited short courses online Foundation includes more than 10,000 universities from different parts of the world, and this classification focuses on evaluating these universities and determining the best universities at the global level, and the classification begins with the best 2000 universities, then after review and evaluation, 1000 universities representing the best among them are selected, then they are reviewed again and evaluated. So that the best 500 universities, colleges and higher institutes are selected from all over the world. 

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🤓 ✌️ Accredited short courses online What are the criteria for the Shanghai ranking of universities? ✅

As we said earlier, the Shanghai University Ranking is known as the ARWU World Academic Ranking of Universities, and that classification is done according to many criteria for the classification, which are as follows:

20% of the total grade awarded is awarded for the availability of professors or students who have received the Nobel Prize.

A high success rate for university graduates gives 10% of the total percentage.

Accredited short courses onlineAcademic performance, efficiency and quality of academic courses and study materials offered through the university, which represents 10% of the total.

Based on researchers at the end of five years, set at 20%.

The percentage of 20% is determined according to the volume of scientific research and studies published in the journal Science and Nature magazine.

Universities and scientific research in the scientific Accredited short courses online fields and the media 20%

It is worth noting that this academic classification is the most accredited among its peers at the global level, but it is based on the ranking of the first 500 universities only at the global level.

For example, we will mention the fifteen best Accredited short courses online universities according to the Shanghai Academic Ranking of Universities in 2019-2020 AD.

→  Accredited short courses online  What are the best universities according to the Shanghai University Rankings? 🤑

It was ranked first by Harvard University, USA.

And the second place went to Stanford University in the United States of America.

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The British University of Cambridge came in third. Accredited short courses online

Then it is followed by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in the USA, to occupy the fourth place.

Berkeley University, USA, ranked fifth.

And in sixth place was Princeton University, USA.

The British University of Oxford ranked seventh.

Columbia University, USA, is ranked eighth.

It was ranked ninth for the California Institute of Technology, USA

As for the tenth place was the University of Chicago, USA.

And the eleventh place was for the University of California, USA.

Bell University in the United States of America ranked twelfth. Accredited short courses online

While Cornell University in the United States of America ranked thirteenth.

The University of Washington, USA, ranks 14th in the ranking.

While the University of London, UK, is ranked 15th.