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🙂 Accredited short courses online Sales models followed by companies 🥇

Accredited short courses online

Accredited short courses online : Returning to the main title, which is creating a business model in light of the availability of modern technology, which Accredited short courses online has led to the need to create new models to be put on the market in addition to developing the traditional sales model, which is focused on direct sales in most companies.

🤓  Traditional sales models Accredited short courses online ✅ ⭐

In the past, companies relied on developing a business model that focused only on how to sell the product directly, without paying attention Accredited short courses online to other elements that might increase the company’s market share in most cases.

Accredited short courses online These old models are based around the price axis and the strategies conclude in two types of pricing policies, which are:

One time sale  Accredited short courses online

The sale is on the principle of monthly subscriptions

Modern sales models

Several new models have appeared recently in many leading companies, especially in providing modern services such as cloud computing services, which led to the emergence of new policies and mechanisms in the pricing process such as:

🔥 Usage Accredited short courses online 🤑

based pricing Amazon adopts this method in cloud computing services where it calculates the volume of use for subscribers and invoices it accordingly, which led to the creation of a new competitive value that distinguishes it from the rest of the companies that provide the same service, and this was a clear evidence of optimal exploitation The company’s resources, which led to reducing costs, while the traditional principle was to rent full-featured servers in cloud computing, even if they were not fully used by subscribers.

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Pricing according to the number of users, Sales Force Accredited short courses online adopted this method while Oracle was and still provides CRM programs with huge amounts, which led to the loss of some companies’ segments such as small and medium companies.

Apart from pricing, perhaps one of the best recently used models is the partnership methodology,  by making partnerships with other companies to provide new services, thus saving time, effort, and speedy entry into the market without the need for a large investment to rebuild the entire product.

✨ The Accredited short courses online most prominent examples of this are: 💥

Airbnb Corporation

It is an American vacation rental company


Uber Corporation

It is an American multinational passenger transport company

currently providing services such as food delivery, freight transportation, and more

A photo of the Uber homepage


Where these two companies focused on the value in the business model by focusing on the partners in providing the service and in what is recently called the sharing economy,

where a valuable product was created that the market needed, which led to the rapid growth of these companies and entering the markets at a high speed.

As can be seen from the examples that were presented, the creation and creation of new business models led to the creation of new value, a modern competitive advantage, and the entry of markets that companies were not able to enter before through their traditional business models.

Thus Accredited short courses online creating great opportunities for emerging companies to enter the competition market with simple possibilities without the need to invest in equipping the infrastructure to provide various products and services.

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In conclusion, development in the creation of new business models is still ongoing

The companies’ focus in their business model on elements other than pricing has created many opportunities for innovation and service provision, thus encouraging creative thinking by creating partnerships and integrating many technologies in order to create new value in competitive markets. And entering the so-called blue ocean markets, or what is known as the Blue Ocean policy, which calls for moving away from traditional competitors by targeting new markets through a new model or services.

Most of the companies today have modified Accredited short courses online their business models and introduced new technological solutions Accredited short courses online that provide services of high value and all this is in the interest of the user or the customer in the end.