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🥇 Car insurance: what to do in case of owner’s death Buy Auto Insurance Online Cheap 🙂

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Buy Auto Insurance Online Cheap : Recently I have been receiving many messages from you readers of the blog on how to deal with car insurance in the unfortunate event of the death of the holder:  Buy Auto Insurance Online Cheap so today I would like to try to clarify some doubts regarding this unpleasant situation.

First of all, know that the current legislation is not at all clear about it and the bureaucracy in these cases will be the master! Buy Auto Insurance Online Cheap  And this is definitely unfortunate if you think that this will penalize those who have had a bereavement and those who, among other things, will still have many other practices to attend to. Buy Auto Insurance Online Cheap.

In any case, the law says that in the event of the death of the owner of a vehicle, the heirs have up to 6 months to make the appropriate changes to the vehicle registration document: it will be mandatory to make a transfer of ownership in favor of all the heirs. , therefore it is likely that the vehicle will be jointly registered. Buy Auto Insurance Online Cheap

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As we have said several times, having a joint vehicle involves more disadvantages than advantages, especially if it is a consequence of a «forced» succession. Therefore it is advisable to make a subsequent passage to the person who, according to the agreements of the heirs, will use the car, even if this will have as its main consequence a considerable additional cost (a passage costs on average 500 Euro, so you will spend more than 1,000 Euros for the double pass). Buy Auto Insurance Online Cheap

However, the current legislation allows you to submit in a single application the double passage to all the heirs and from these to the one who will want to register the vehicle: however, this option still entails the double payment of the IPT, which is the highest tax. burdensome that affects the total cost of the transfer of ownership. Some provinces facilitate this double passage by providing discounts for the double taxation of IPT, but they are few and among these there are no large provinces such as Rome, Milan, Naples, etc.

Another possible solution, which is sometimes allowed by agencies that deal with automotive practices, is to do everything in a single step: however, the modus operandi is not entirely correct and those who sign the car will be subject to the risk of disputes. by the excluded heirs! In any case, the initial header to all heirs is mandatory and partial waivers, proxies or other are not accepted. As mentioned, the only way to exclude an heir from the co-ownership is the eventual renunciation of the heir to the entire inheritance.

The case of the scrapping of the vehicle in question is different. If you want to scrape the vehicle in the name of the deceased, you can avoid all these expensive steps, but it will be necessary to produce a substitutive declaration of inheritance signed by all the heirs, in which all those entitled to the succession and their firm intention to proceed with the demolition of the vehicle.

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In the event of the death of the vehicle owner, the insurance company must be promptly informed.

In these cases it should be noted that companies do not act unequivocally, but each applies its own regulation: some guarantee coverage for the first 6 months of death, others consider the contract (and therefore coverage) concluded, still others provide conflicting information. or inaccurate which could only lead to problems in the event of a claim.

Therefore, it is better to consider the car as uninsured from the day of death and not to use it, unless the insurance contract expressly states that the coverage is guaranteed to the heirs and under what terms. As regards the class of merit of the deceased, unfortunately, it is never transferable to the heirs except in the case of a spouse in community of assets. In this case, it will be necessary that the car in succession is 100% registered to the spouse.

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The other heirs cannot benefit from the deceased’s policy either directly or through the Bersani law. To insure the car after the succession, it is advisable to use other methods, for example if the heirs are all cohabiting relatives it is possible to apply the Bersani law between them, attributing to the new policy the best class among those (possibly) already owned by the new holders.

All of the above for insurance applies to the Universal Class which is governed by specific laws: it is instead at the discretion of the company to recognize or not the Internal Class of the deceased to the heirs, on a new policy (also jointly held). The policy will still be in C.U. 14, but it can be a good alternative to the contract in the starting class and also Internal 14.

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